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October 25th, 2013, 19:37
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Then again - I keep missing the obvious - like the perfection known as the Dark Souls character system.
Ahhh, the child of Bhaal has awoken. It is time for more…'enlightenment'… The pain will only be passing; you should survive the process…

The D&D 3.x class system is great from a well-rounded party perspective, but when it comes down to PvP with a single character your options for kicking ass are actually pretty limited. NWN1 sorcerer was pretty much unbeatable. NWN2 your 2hander frenzied berserkers were. But in dark souls anything you like is viable. Never raising your stats at all is fine too; I've won Dark Souls with a level1. You can still wear that heavy armor without an investment into endurance if you're happy to move more slowly. Want to do good melee damage but not invest in str or dex? Use a weapon with an int or faith mod, or forgo stat bonus' entirely and get a pure elemental weapon, like fire or lightning, leaving your stats free to raise vitality, or to stay as you are for sake of invasion level bracket. One can have great magic with no investment into int or faith too using pyromancy spells.

The items themselves are a big part of the class builds too and that balance between being fast and light weight, but also to have the poise to win the moments when both people are just mashing attack so you don't get stunned. Armor also makes sound. Leather is good for stealth, but because its quiet. You don't turn invisible in front of people. But backstab is alive and well, and counter-attacks and ripostes are in. Some weapons can attack with shield up. The list goes on…

If I recall correctly you gave up after 15 minutes? or was it 15 hours? It was short enough that you couldn't possibly have scratched the surface of what it has to offer and yet had the audacity to believe your own callow comments…

Do you cling to the past or can you see through the pain?

edit: If you like I'll help you. Summon me for some Jolly Co-operation and victory will be at hand! I doubt you'll get such an offer from the eels!
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