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October 27th, 2013, 10:13
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Or perhaps it's just a case of the rule book being a bit contradictory? You've got the "man shall not lie with man" stuff and you've got the "love everyone" stuff. Could get a little tricky to resolve that tangle, even before you introduce the inevitable zealots. Perhaps you're just being a little too judgmental, hateful, intolerant, spiteful, and mean-spirited based on a very narrow litmus test of so-called political correctness?
We are not judging. Well atleast i am not anyway. We are telling people what they can do to avoid hell. I try to do it in the most loving way possible though. People mistake a Christians intentions and behaviour because they see the "Westborough Church" scam and think Christians behave that way. When a real Christian tells you to repent, it is out of love and not hate. Just FYI.
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