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November 10th, 2013, 01:23
It is a very simple equation - those with the money control the system. Period. They can then control the information flow, 'kill off' opposing voices, and buy the support of those who should really oppose them. Whenever anyone attempts change, it just doesn't happen because those with money make sure it doesn't.

I look at it this way - Katy Perry puts out an album and it WILL be #1, guaranteed. Why? Because there are millions of $ at stake - the record label buys millions of plays on radio stations and on streaming stations all over the nation and internet - and people respond to that sort of thing.

The idea that 'everyone has the same voice' is laughable. The nation is controlled and run by a few hundred/thousand people at most, those with the most money and power. We have those rights deemed acceptable by the ruling class.

— Mike
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