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November 13th, 2013, 08:48
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I think it all comes down to: to make yourself feel good.

You donate to help others? Why? Because it makes you feel good

You donate so people will recognise you? Why? Because it makes you feel good.

You donate because you are christian? Well, part of the reason would be because you think God will look after you and that you will end up in Heaven - again, because it makes you feel good.

Only other time you'd donate is when you get forced into it! But even then, you will be *forced* to donate, because you'd prefer donating than not for whatever reason it may be
Not really.

I can help people because I think they need it.

But it's not because I'm a kind person, I'm just a rational person. I help because I think it makes sense that we all help each other when we're in need. You actively support the concept of helping others by helping.

Whether that's selfish or not, I couldn't care less. It's rational.

Sure, it might make me feel good - but I know that's bullshit. If I wanted to live a life of short-term good feelings, I'd have been a very different person.
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