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November 14th, 2013, 03:01
Thank God I realized the hypocrisy of the church at first glance and never joined their establishment. You can find God without a Church and priest and it makes you all the more knowledged for it when you've actually studied all religions.

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I never quite understood why people who believe in God would follow a book based on the writings of man.

But that's me
Perhaps because this "book based on the writings of man" actually has historical grounding? Archaeology has confirmed the existence of towns, cities, wars and prophets mentioned in The Bible from the biblical Hittites (a kingdom only mentioned in The Bible that archaeologists later discovered), the gates King Solomon constructed to the wars in the Book of Judges (mentioned in extra-biblical sources) and evidence for Jesus himself.

The supernatural aspects are another thing. No one can prove God was responsible for the lineage of King David. No one can prove God guided Moses. However there are fulfilled Biblical prophecies (which were not written after they occurred as the Dead Sea Scrolls have proven) which would defend the divinity.

Then we have genetic evidence of Aaron and the lineage of the The Levitical Priests as described in The Bible.…riesthood.html

Its discoveries like this that say that there are truths in religion. Yes, I'm talking about other religions like Hinduism and Jainism too. I identify as Christian but I'm like Gandhi in believing in the truths of all religions and that most refer to the same god anyway. Although I think my view of God is more in line with that of a deist. I don't pray nor do I worship God (I wouldn't know how) so I'm also far from your traditional Christian (some would even call me a heretical) and I guess, not even religious (since I don't follow any religious practices other than trying to live a good life but that's because I desire such) although I'd be the first to defend theism and Christianity (and also the first to question, I have only arrived where I am by questioning).

Besides, the things that Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi taught are worth following. I followed my own selfish desires once. It led me nowhere fast. Next, I listened to the words of Jesus and became a much better person and not out of fear of Hell or want for Heaven but because I thought they made sense. I grew up in a racist family (they were also non-religious) and I held their views as a child. Some time later, I read the words of Jesus and I came to believe in equality for all races and genders. Which is funny as some atheists would say that The Bible produces an ill-effect on you. It didn't on me and I read through the whole Old Testament (long before the NT).

Do I claim to hold everything within Christianity as gospel truth? No. I'm not sure on the nature of God. But I'm certain that there's more to this cosmos than meets the eye and that'll we will never fully comprehend.

And yes, I thoroughly support science. I'm only against the hypothesizes of abiogenesis and the multiverse as they aren't even scientific or theories, nor do they have any logical grounding.
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