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November 14th, 2013, 08:57
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Well if you really want to get in to the philosophy of things. Everyone does something because they want a reward. Even if that reward is "feeling good". In your case you help people because you want the reward of feeling like you've done something rational. Or you're reward is knowing you've done something that makes sense. So in the end, giving could be considered selfish because we are always doing it to "get something". So I guess the idea is to choose the least selfish rewards
Ok, if doing something because it makes sense to you gives you a reward of "feeling rational", then you could be right.

It's like if someone pointed a rocket launcher at me - and I chose to get out of the way, I'd be doing that because I wanted the reward of feeling rational.

Yeah, sure, why not

As I said - I can help people because it makes sense to me, and because I consider that in support of everyone helping everyone.

What I also said is that I don't care if that's selfish or not. I don't see why it's important whether it's selfish or not.

What I think is important is that it's rational and beneficial. That might make me a selfish person, and that's perfectly alright with me.

But it strikes me as a pointless and trivially boring semantic distinction.

As for "feeling rational" - I'm not sure I'd classify my response as a feeling so much as an intellectually defensible position. The human brain is, theoretically, healthy when it's sane. I consider the pursuit of the irrational a kind of insanity - so by trying to stay rational - I'm holding on to sanity.

I suppose that's a feeling of some sort - but I suspect it's more like an instinct. A survival instinct for me, personally.

However, it has often occurred to me that some people don't consider being rational a worthwhile pursuit - and as such, maybe insanity is not the same as being unhealthy after all
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