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November 14th, 2013, 23:14
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Assuming man is perfect dictation device. Which we know he isn't. So in this case as well there's no chance for an infallible document.
Ah, not so, good man. If we assume the "dictation" model, which makes man nothing but God's mindless pencil, the document must be perfect or else God would have made a mistake. After all, if He's holding the pencil, you'd have to assume that the pencil is writing exactly what's intended, otherwise He'd be making a mistake.

Of course, by my lights it's all been bastardized to the point of losing all meaning anyway, but the logical gyrations can be entertaining.

edit- actually what I'm working from goes a little beyond true dictation since I'm basically taking away all free will. Perhaps I should call it the "possession" model instead.

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