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November 15th, 2013, 03:05
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No, YOU copped out when YOU asked for an example. That is a major cop out. If you can't see the contradictions in the list I provided you then really there's my proof of your lack of reasoning.
I see some there that i could answer the rest were just laughable. I asked for one. Instead you gave me a list of them that would take me days to do the research and answer. You coudln't even pick one out of that lot. And FYI the first answer from the first contradiction from that site relates to cosmology. Would you even bother to try and understand creationist models of cosmology? The bible is vague on cosmology and i have to read through a whole book and understand all the formulae used.

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I have to agree that a few of them sound bogus, but most do not.
It looked like 50% of those contradictions werent worth the time to answer.
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