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December 13th, 2013, 18:41
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I think that's great actually…it's pretty extensive. Note that the person saying that isn't lord british, but the interviewer….I don't think LB sees a difference in what he sees as a game when you play mp or sp….this isn't everquest or BG2…this is ultimaish.
I don't see why people complain or defend this as this has been know for months now. To put it bluntly this is old news by now.

Lord Brittish himself has been pushing this term at every chance, and every game show. The game is a connected online world, and he is nice enough to offer you the chance to play offline if you want.

Now repeat after me the game is labeled as Selective Multiplayer, and this includes the option to play an offline single player version. Anyway people are either going to love what he made, or hate it. I leave that up to the player to decide not me.
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