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December 17th, 2013, 14:13
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N,S,E,W are *directions* they aren't extremes, the only shape with 4 equal extremes, otherwise know as corners, is a square. This is the problem with your approach and religion in general, it doesn't make the least difference what the text actually says, you have to make it say what you want to hear. Surely it must occur to you when you distort almost every sentence in the bible that you've gone wrong somewhere? Or do you just have an infinite ability to fool yourself?

The original authors of the old testament probably didn't say they were divinely inspired either, in fact for the most part, no one even knows who they were. Even where there is a name there is no firm corroborated information as to who that person was. And if they did say they were inspired by God on what basis should we believe them? This is a massive hole in your argument (if you can dignify it with that name): You have on the face of it an old book that appears to be a collection of ancient myths of some minor middle Eastern nomadic tribe and you, against all the evidence, then jump to the totally unfounded conclusion that every word in it comes directly from some supernatural entity, for who's existence you have no evidence either. And it just so happens that, for the most part, all this corresponds with what you learned when you were a child (presumably in some bible bashing area of the States?). Is it any surprise to you that anyone with their head screwed on the right way round has their doubts?
I'd say you're motivated by emotional thought although you've presented your argument in a rather pretentious way (which is common with many non-believers). It's fine having doubts. It's not fine when you pretend to hold absolute knowledge which is where it becomes apparent that you're just like the fundamentalists you preach against.

Asides for there being archaeological evidence (and even genetic evidence in one instance) of events in the Bible there are the fulfilled prophecies to support the divine inspiration.…-of-the-bible/…riesthood.html…udah-king.html…21103227160833…iglath_pileser…ry?id=17884533…y-of-the-bible

"Those prophecies were written after the events occurred!"

Not according to the Dead Sea Scrolls which have been carbon dated.

But the fundamental part of Christianity is the existence of Jesus which has been proven.…-jesus-christ/

"But that's a Christian site!"

Okay, here's one from a secular university:…naccounts.html

"You're biased!"

Not really. I'm a Christian arian deist. Also somewhat of a universalist although I believe (based on all the archaeological evidence) that Christianity holds the greater truths than any other religion. It's atheists who, therefore, are being the closed-minded ones as I've accepted the truths of all religions and denied the lies. The atheist encounters one lie in religion (mainly the Genesis story) and denies the majority of the truths because of that or they have an bad experience (i.e death of family member) and become influenced by that. Some eventually begin using science or rationality to reconcile with what is really an irrational belief. Bad experiences drove me to deism because I saw prayer did nothing but I was not foolish enough to denounce thousands of years of logical arguments and grounded philosophy to spite God. Deductive reasoning has made it clear that atheism isn't really a grounded world-view as it denies Cause and Effect and other logical arguments/laws/consistencies and bases itself on mathematical impossibilities requiring huge blind faith to believe in.
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