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December 18th, 2013, 12:29
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I was not foolish enough to denounce thousands of years of logical arguments and grounded philosophy to spite God. Deductive reasoning has made it clear that atheism isn't really a grounded world-view as it denies Cause and Effect and other logical arguments/laws/consistencies and bases itself on mathematical impossibilities requiring huge blind faith to believe in.
Atheism isn't a belief any more than afairyism is, it's just an observation that there isn't sufficient evidence to believe in deities. That at least is how most reasonable people look at it. No doubt, you are an atheist too with respect to all those other religions that you don't believe in. You just need to take it one step further and apply the same criteria to your own fantasies.

You can grind the gears of philosophy until hell (!?) freezes over, but eventually you get back to the obvious conclusion that the grass growing in the garden, that you can *see* out of the window is a lot more likely to have some basis in reality than stuff you can't see or detect, such as fairies, spaghetti monsters or an infinitely powerful deity that gives you brownie points for worship and deducts them when he catches you masturbating over internet porn.
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