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December 18th, 2013, 19:47
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Personally, I find the blind certainty and condescending attitudes of both sides of this debate (more the broader argument than this specific thread) to be ridiculous and annoying
haha … totally agree, amazed that it has carried on so long and remained relatively civil!

I find the whole 'Santa / Jesus is white' thing going on right now to be much more interesting and amusing. For a couple of reasons:
- The Jesus one because here is someone born in a region that basically ensures he won't look like a nice Ryan Gosling character. So what? Why do so many American Christians have a vested interest in him being white?
- As for Santa, there are SO MANY origin stories of the character that pinning down a particular appearance is mostly meaningless - I mean, sure Saint Nicholas from Greece / Turkey is where it all begins, but where it goes varies. But the modern 'Santa Claus' image is Coca Cola advertising product a nice kindly older white gentleman … so who really cares … ?

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