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December 25th, 2013, 14:46
Originally Posted by zahratustra View Post
And, yet, you try to do exactly that in your previous post.
Really? Lets see what I said.

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Cool thing about a busy highway is everyone is more or less in a straight line. As dangerous as bullets can be, they rarely defy the laws of physics.
Most highways in this country are more or less straight lines. And physical objects do generally abide by the laws of physics. Not much insinuating my own beliefs here.

Originally Posted by crazyirish View Post
Impossible to judge whether or not it was irresponsible to take such shots unless you were actually there. Firearms are one of those things where even people with no experience are happy to pretend they are subject matter experts (Not necessarily directed at you Drithius - I have no idea if you know what you're talking about or not.)
Pointed out that judging whether a shot was irresponsible to take is impossible without being there. I then mention how funny it is that people who have little to no firearms experience are always the first to armchair quarterback situations involving firearms.

In none of this did I say that the car thief deserved to get shot (or not). Nor did I say that the shooter was justified or not. Maybe you got confused?
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