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December 28th, 2013, 15:42
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The bible says the earth has 4 corners. If you like facts and not philosophical statements, tell me how the earth has 4 corners, without diving into a philosophical debate on how it means something else.

IF you start explaining it does not actually mean 4 corners then you're going the wrong way.
We've been there already in this thread, see my responses to Damian above. To summarize: Most of the old testament authors believed the Earth was flat and square. The author of Isaiah appears to have believed it was a flat disk.

Topcat clearly hasn't had the courtesy to read earlier posts in the thread, before posting that wall of text. And what can one say about it, except that it reflects a very low educational standard that would be seen as scandalous in Europe. My 8 year old nephew has a better command of reason and the English language. But it's pretty typical of 1000s of other posts from YECs on the internet - so I don't imagine it's some kind of spoof; and whilst it's quite funny, I suspect the humor is entirely unintentional.
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