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December 30th, 2013, 00:50
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I do not see that it says the earth has four corners
The sayin "from the four corners of the earth" simply meens to me:
from the whole earth, nothing excluded.
I understand it to be a expression more than a statement.
I could be wrong but thats how I understand it.
If you think that is philosophical, I do not.
I think its the use of an linguistic expression.
Why not just accept that the earth is flat, since that's what is really implied in the bible as everyone knows? You could, for instance, claim that a conspiracy of scientists faked the moon landing just as they fake the theory of evolution, global warming and all those other theories that are so inconvenient to your wonderful faith!

And, after all, if you're prepared to accept the literal truth of the story of Noah's Ark, a flat earth should be even easier to swallow. In fact you could spend the next few years not finding evidence for all scientific theories, by living in a cupboard or something.
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