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December 30th, 2013, 01:35
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Well this part I agree with. There's a lack of logic in faith-based beliefs. But that's the point. Some of us would rather believe more firmly in things that have evidence and are scrutable by logic. This is personal choice.

Personally, I am not without faith myself. But I don't try to convince others of something I only have faith in.

However, it's perfectly reasonable to try to convince others of things are demonstrable by logic and reason, like science.
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I had assumed that since you were infected by a creationist from FLA (Florida?), you must be from somewhere around there. Also this kind of biblical literalism lunacy mostly stems from backward areas of the US in my experience.
Ha ha ha
Well Sweden is a state where my english skills doesnt drag me down in
neither biblical literalism nor lunacy.
I can assure you that science contradicts evo-theory more than it does the biblical texts. If you have the heart for it, go and search for yourself.
The only thing I did find, was people calling other people names if they did not just accept the theory. Nobody could produce one source of proof for any of these highly regarded assumptions.
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