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December 30th, 2013, 01:51
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Ha ha ha
Well Sweden is a state where my english skills doesnt drag me down in
neither biblical literalism nor lunacy.
I can assure you that science contradicts evo-theory more than it does the biblical texts. If you have the heart for it, go and search for yourself.
The only thing I did find, was people calling other people names if they did not just accept the theory. Nobody could produce one source of proof for any of these highly regarded assumptions.
Well, if you had followed the thread you would appreciate that science is about evidence not "proof" and there is a lot of evidence for the theory of evolution by natural selection, but none for talking snakes and Noah's ark.

Since you've spent so much time in the last two years reviewing the evidence for evolution you will no doubt tell us *why* science contradicts TOE - otherwise you are just spouting hot air.

And up to now, far from giving "proof" for your beliefs you have just waffled at extreme length about some rather mundane anecdotes concerning yourself. So I'm hardly holding my breath for your refutation or understanding of any scientific theory.
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