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December 30th, 2013, 03:30
So Roq
You do have a hard time accepting Noah
If you tell me what part is bugging you, we could have a discussion about that.
The arguments against TET are
Try to find somthing in nature that evolves
It simply does not appear.
Everything falls to pieces, degenerates.
There has never been in the so called fossilrecord evidence for TET that has not been proven wrong in deeper studies.
All the cavemen findings and missing links has been proven wrong, misstakes and even forgery in some cases.
The very existence of fossils are a substantial evidence for a worldwide flood.
So are the existence of oil and coal in the way they exist today.
TET can not be falsified
It can not be observed
It can not be tested
So it does not qualify as science
Historical science maybe if you stretch the limits

So actually TET have the same problems as religion in
Purely philosofical statements untestable through falsification

The Bible though describes many historical events that can be verified through archeology and ancient historians.
As long as you do not find a lie in the bible it makes the credebility grow.
I know that people like Ron Wyatt has been miscredited for a long time but when people start to check his evidence it holds. The find of the place of the redsea crossing has been verified along with the real location of Mt,Sinai in saudiarabia.
The findings of the cities of Sodom&Gomora has been verified. Several Cities and places has been verified. None has been proven wrong!
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