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January 8th, 2014, 10:12
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Perhaps one of the mutations allowed them to survive in ice and maybe there were no polar bears before the flood?
No, no, no.

This one is an easy one. The bible can and can not be read at multiple levels (if you want the number of level, just translate level in hebrew, see how much it makes in number both in writing and oral forms, divide and you get the number)

The ark story speaks of animals from the Earth. What must be understood is that animals that needed to be saved.

The Christian god is all knowning god so it was known before creation of the world that the world would be flooded at some point down.

Polar bears did not need to be saved. Because ice floats. And despise the rise of water temperature, their natural habitat did not have time to melt.
That is why they did not join the ark. Seals, sea lions neither. Fish either (even though the change in water get them to migrate, that is another story) You cant drown a fish. Polar bears just went the flood like that, with their habitat mostly unchanged.

All that must be understood is that the bible can and can not be read on different levels at the same time.
Once got, it all fits.
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