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January 8th, 2014, 10:40
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Things tends to fall to pieces.
Even the dna chain in spite of beeing able to repair itself degenerates.
Why do you have a problem with the expression?
It's the opposit to evolve.
Its happens with everything thats not mantained in a proper way.
So, for life to exist you need mantainance, or it degenerates
Who would provide this in TET?
Evolution: take a carpet, roll it up. Unroll it. Unrolling it is evolution. That is one issue with speaking a bastardized language, it gives room for people to forget and spin.

So let's see. Entropy tears out the christian god because entropy makes the multiplication of bread and fishes impossible. Pushing up entropy means that there cant be both at the same.

Either you admit entropy and therefore, you do not believe in the multiplication of breads and fishes and therefore you do not believe in jesus the lord who multiplied fishes and breads. If you keep believing in a god, it means that you do not believe in jesus and therefore that you put one unknown god before the christian god. See 2nd commandment for the salvation of the christian soul.

Or you believe in jesus the lord and cant admit entropy and thermodynamics. If so, you cant bring it up to disqualify evolution.

Now, reading why evolution should be impossible in an environment that is subjected to entropy.

Lets set this: the solar system is a close system. From an evolutionary point of view, it is not a good hypothesis because of cosmic rays, among other things, that are supposed to play a part in the occurence of mutation.
But lets remember something: the fantastic fours. When they took up their space flight, they were bathed in cosmic rays to return as Mr.Fantastic (Richard Reeds), the Invisible Girl (Susan Storm), the Human Torch (Johny Storm) and the Thing (Benjamin Grimm)

But we know that the Sentinels, that are human machinery designed by human supremacists to track down and eliminate mutants, do not list the fantastic four as mutants. They do not list the juggernaut as a mutant either as he was born out of a magic light coming from a long lost and forgotten crystal.
It makes a strong case why you can dismiss cosmic rays as having a part in mutation occurrence.

Once this is established, why should evolution be impossible in the close system of the solar system because of entropy?
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