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January 21st, 2014, 01:39
RPS had an article sometime last week where a developer who said the current model is unsustainable and how he thought moving to a Minecraft/Garry's Mod/Kenshi type format would work best (cheap to more expensive as more features added). This gives early backers/beta testers a discount while giving the developer more money later. Kickstarter seems to be working the same way, early backers get a discount for funding the game, others pay up for final product (though somewhat undermined by eventual Steam sales).

Obviously, Planetary A/WL 2 don't fit model and an argument can be made for early access price between KS and final release price in some cases. I absolutely understand the unwillingness to gamble on KS but expecting to pay the same as people who are seems a bit off to me. Backers take the risk of getting no return on their investment while non-backers get to cash in on a product funded by others. And, the article also points out some obvious flaws with his idea but an interesting idea none the less.
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