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January 22nd, 2014, 05:40
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On a related note, a research compilation working across 15 different research studies showed:
- A gun in the home leads to 3 TIMES HIGHER suicide rate
- A gun in the home leads to 2 TIMES HIGHER homicide rate.

Something not surprising for most thinking people.
if that were true, shouldn't you just leave them alone? Sooner or later the gun owners would kill off themselves since gun sales have gone up.

You couldn't even detect an illogical statement, just sad. More people chose guns as a means to kill themselves, therefore having a gun would have a higher suicide tendency? Ha Ha Ha

Those have a gun would have a high chance of being in a gun fire compare to those have not? Ha Ha Ha. so as those having a hammer have a high chance of killing with it than someone without a hammer. Do you really need statistics for this conclusion? WOW, how much did that research cost?

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