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January 22nd, 2014, 16:18
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Painfully obvious logical fallacy. No more need be said.
Oh obviously … but surprisingly less so than what mudsling posted.

The reality is that while I might accuse you of falling back on GOP talking points (and you accuse Thrasher of the same, and D'Artagnan of EU-centric mindset, and so on) … at least we can all discuss, albeit occasionally heated and entrenched.

Mudsling, however, would be kicked out of preschool for his absolute inability to articulate anything. And once you decipher his horrific linguistics, there isn't any 'there' there.

So rather that worry about anything he says, I just restated his points. So … just playing.

And as I have said - personally I don't believe that most people jump from the conclusions of the study to 'ban all guns' - at least not most mainstream Americans. It should be the starting point for a discussion - because it is readily apparent that what we are doing isn't working, so therefore what SHOULD we do. And we should NOT accept 'do nothing' - because that isn't good enough.

We live in a country where it is harder to get on a plane than to buy a gun, where it is harder to buy cold medicine than to buy a gun. And that should make absolutely no sense to any reasonable person.

— Mike
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