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Default Might & Magic X - Can't reach Act 2

January 26th, 2014, 00:42
I have this problem.

I have bought the Early Access-Deluxe-version + boxed version (these are 2 different keys!)

Last week I got the box. After installing the full version I can only play to then end of level 2. Lev dialog is grey and I can't cross the bridgle.

I can't redeem my Code ingame. Message: -> Ubisoft Servers unreachable.

On the other hand UPLAY accepts the Code in the Uplay Starter. I can download the sound files for example.

I don't want to hack game files. Please find a solution for this fast.

I deinstalled Might&Magic X (Early Access version and the Deluxe Version) then reinstalled the Deluxe Version -> same Problem.

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