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February 8th, 2014, 00:38
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Thank you for the Article! Any chance you could add a section on Combat? I see that it's an "action RPG" but I'm forever confusing the different RPG sub-genres. Some the aspects of this game sound interesting. I think there's some potential in the "sire" mechanic. I'm less enthralled with the idea of randomly generated dungeons though.
Well, in a nut-shell: You target something with your crosshair instead of clicking your mouse, then you smash it with your abilities. It is what you'd expect from a rpg that features crosshair targeting.
And the randomly generated dungeons doesn't seem to have a large focus on the game, but more of a side thingy to do to find loot or gain xp. There is still much more focus on lore and exploration of normal maps.
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