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February 14th, 2014, 16:44
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What are you talking about Joxer?

The game has no DLC. They offered a bunch of add-ons, and that was all. Maybe it really has to do with you calling it a phone game a hundred times.
Actually they mention DLC in their reward tiers. In the $1000 tier it says "Free Access to 1st DLC". However, that doesn't exactly qualify as a DLC-o-rama… I'd say any DLC is hypothetical at this point; first they have to finish the game, release it, and sell some copies before they can think about working on additional content.

Yeah, I think what would bother Joxer more is that they're planning on porting it to tablets after launching the PC / Mac / Linux versions.

I did back this game because it's a tactical turn-based RPG, I like the concept, and their emphasis on choice and consequence. That make's it ambitious and I have no idea if they can pull it off, but I'm willing to throw 20 bucks at them to find out.
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