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February 18th, 2014, 04:53
Here is the problem - IF this were true, then given the GOP controls congress and many states, we would see moves in that direction . We do not. Instead, after yet another person 'exercises his 2nd amendment rights' and properly uses a gun for the singular purpose of its design, but on a human target … it is always 'too soon' to talk, or the blame is on 'mental illness' (but they refuse to support any concrete steps to weed out people based on mental illness based on … that's right, 2nd amendment.

In other words, if you want to claim that 0,1% of democrats are 'total gun ban' - which I think is fair since you trot out the same 'talking points' 12 videos of up to 20 years old or more … then you must surely agree that at least 50% of republicans are totally opposed to gun control.

Otherwise they would have used their dominant position to enact gun control … but what do we see? Dismantling gun controls.

— Mike
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