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February 18th, 2014, 17:36
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You seem to be having a hard time with that whole counting thing. Republicans do not control congress. Democrats hold a fairly large majority in the senate, particularly given that the two that identify as independent generally lean left.

At least my wall of actual quotes from prominent democrats is based in reality. When you start off with something that's clearly false, it certainly calls into question the value of everything that follows.
OK, so I mis-stated areas of control. HOWEVER, you chose the coward's path of using that to ignore reality - Republicans control more and HAVE controlled more … and while they have been in control they have systematically eviscerated gun control, enacted 'stand your ground' laws, and so on.

The DIRECT result - and dramatic ramp up in killings by guns.

If republicans actually believed in anything other than 2nd amendment = right to kill, they would DO something about it. Instead they go with ideas that have been debunked again and again. You want to talk dishonest? How about not allowing anyone to get an opinion of any substance and instead just blocking progress?

'prominent'? Hell, some of those people are freaking DEAD!!

— Mike
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