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April 4th, 2014, 13:45
A side note connected to what I've said above.

One of last year's Kickstarter hits was Pressy:…android-button
Asked 40K and gathered almost 700K. What does it do you may check on the link, but the thing important here is that the gadget reward (without shipment) was $17.

Just by seeing it you'll say, hell that's too expensive. Okay, it needs an application, but think about it, in this case it's a software that doesn't include rocket science knowledge and calculations. It can probably be made in just a couple of days!

What happened? Pressy is still in the development cycle - but a copycat product surfaced and is already shipping! I dare to say of a completely same design. With one difference. The price.
You can buy the copycat product for $0,79. You're seeing it right. It's not even one dollar per piece!

You don't believe me? Okay:…roject-pressy/

Hopefully this will be a school lesson for anyone who tries to pass a kickstarter project with overpriced prototypes.

Toka Koka
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