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Thumbs up Interesting links for gamers (Indie games, Abandonware, Mods)

December 3rd, 2006, 16:37

Privateer Remake:


Fallout Mods:

Wizardry 8 Mods:

KOTOR 2 Restoration:

Free german online game - Illarion:

JA 2 Mods:
Jagged Alliance Area

Prelude to Darkness:…st-link.15506/

Thalion Games:


Abandonware Ring:

Piratenleben - best german Gothic 2 addon/mod:

Wasteland Merc - Fallout 2 mod:

and the nice Old Games Museum:

Links from this thread:

RPGCodex top 70 list - 72 CRPGs with mini-reviews.

The best site for old games:

Jeff Vogel's games - Avernum, Geneforge, Avadon …:

Free download of Beneath a Steel Sky, Lure of the Temptress…:

Combining a sophisticated, dynamic game world and intense medieval swordfighting action, Mount & Blade strives to create a game experience never seen before.

Good free game collection:

Good mods for the Elder Scrolls series:

Mods for Infinity engine games, Icewind Dale, Planscape Torment, Baldurs Gate…:

How to make old games run?

Hidden & Dangerous - free:…_13010820.html

Yendorian Tales:…nts-of-thaine/

Ur-Quan Masters aka Star Control 2:

Old games + reviews:

Remake of Ultima 5 - Lazarus:

Mininions of Mirth:

ShadowFlare is a mission-based PC action/role-playing game that consists of 4 episodes:

Cave Story:
It's a simple, but very fun mix between games like Zelda 3 or Chrono Trigger and 2D arcade shooters game play wise, and it's freeware, available for PC and Mac:

Heroine Iysayana is a Japanese-style role-playing game:

Site with game fonts:

Trade & ship simulation - Ports of Call:

Inherit the Earth:

Stargate Adventure:…ames/game/634/

Seraphim's List of Totally Free PC Games Worth Playing:…ad.php?t=56356

MAGI-Magical Strategy game:

The Clue:

Legend of White Whale:

Unterwegs in Düsterburg:

Picture with beloved heroes of videogames:



William The Conqueror Adventure Game:…/wtb/wtb1.html

Game Info Site - Alone in the past (french):

IssaSoft Productions - The Demon's Mantra II:

Tips for Startrail:…tar_Trail.html

Diver Down - Reality is just a memory:

Alien Carnage:

BioMenace - Cheats:

Apogee Legacy Interview series:

Temple of Roguelikes:

Anonymous Game Developers Interactive ->
Remakes for the Kings Quest series, Quest for Glory…:


The Warriors Tale:

The White Chamber - horror adventure:…hewhitechamber

Out of Order - adventure:


Eye of the Kraken - adventure:…_15658371.html

Tale of Two Kingdoms - adventure:

Kings Quest 3 - remake:

Space Quest -Replicated:

Space Quest - The Lost Chapter:


Sim-City source code released:…rts-begin.aspx

18 Undiscovered Websites Every Gamer Should Know:…r-should-know/

S.W.I.N.E. - freeware:…_18067304.html

Cool Gothic2-Night of the Raven mod: Velaya - Geschichte einer Kriegerin:

The best NWN modules:


One of the best crpgs ever: The Aielund saga

A Dance with Rogues, Part One & Part Two:…Detail&id=4869…=58820&id=4870

Darkness over Daggerford:…detail&id=5122

Tales of Arterra - The Lost - 1.08:…Detail&id=4046

Tales of Arterra - The Awakening - 1.02a:…=29643&id=4047

NWN1 - single player campaign - A Harper's Tale
Chapter 1 - Escort Duty…Detail&id=3499
Chapter 2 - Hooknose Crag…Detail&id=3500
Chapter 3 - Selgaunt…Detail&id=3607

Exile of the West (Bastard of Kosigan, episode 1):…Detail&id=5081

Rose of Eternity-Website:
Rose of Eternity 1 - The Coming:…Detail&id=4157
Rose Of Eternity 2 - Cry The Beloved:…=32009&id=5208

Honor Among Thieves:…Detail&id=3627

Cave of Songs:…Detail&id=3273

Return to Ravenloft:…=16836&id=3823

Ravenloft, Beyond the Gate:…=16836&id=3990

The Girl in Ill Humour:…Detail&id=5524

TORTURED HEARTS I:…Detail&id=3799

TORTURED HEARTS II:…Detail&id=5347

Maugeter - The Keys to the City:…Detail&id=5364


Very very good: Planescape: Die Traumfängerin

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