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January 3rd, 2007, 13:02
Hmm.. I don't understand why people always complain so much. What are they expecting? Perfect games probably don't exist, and will never be made. People might remember certain games as being perfect, but are they really? Isn't it just a matter of having fond memories from a time when we were younger (and probably more accepting when it came to new games).

Personally I had great fun playing 3 major RPGs this year - Oblivion (not perfect by far, but I still invested quite a few hours in it and had some fun), Gothic 3 (again somewhat flawed, but it has a nice setting and I had fun playing it) - and lately NWN2, which I feel has a *much* better OC than the original game. Personally I'm not disappointed in 2006 at all - it's been one of the better years in a long time!

As always - just my opinion

- Kasper
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