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January 16th, 2007, 17:36
While I don't know this new site, the orginal and best site for all things Xenus is a forum member's site, well I am not sure if Shadowmosses knew about RPGWatch team leaving RPGDot, so he my not have posted here yet, anyway his site is located.…on=en/news.php

Shadowmosses and others are the ones whom have made most of the mods, like the one I can't live with out, No Friggin Car Horns.
There are better scopes, maps, vehicles and more obviously isn't not Half-Life number of mods for but for a small independent Deus Ex style game it's got many helpful items.
So with the 2.0 patch and No Horns from Hell it's acutally nice title, mostly bug free now.

I really have high hopes for White Gold.
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