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January 18th, 2007, 17:32
yes, you can easily get a gimped party that wont cut the mustard on a higher difficulty. Though I dont like to, i sometimes find myself restarting a few times til I get something I consider usable. Trying to do "challenge"(difficulty) on "long"(roughly 1hr) setting with two rogues and a mage will wind you up on a dungeon floor.

Notice my post in the forums about the "death bug". In longer games, where you might want to just shut down and continue later (as is stated you can do), sometimes the dead from last level will come up dead this level if no progress on the next level has been made. NO rez scrolls? Cleric specced full wrath or heal only? Your very well may be screwed.
So it's good to at least do a room or two before you abruptly shut it down mid-game, after a recent death IMHO.

I play it all the time without sound, it's the only way I play it at work.

My advice is this: dont go down the stairs too quickly! Make sure you loot the levels pretty good, or youll end up against harder foes w/ lame equipment. I found myself finding stairs and heading down ASAP just so I could level my party up, but then found myself with basic equipment 3 levels down!

That and Meteor and Rush are your friends, use them wisely!

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