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January 31st, 2007, 09:03
GamersInfo has an unconventional review of Mayhem's Neverend. It's a bit hard to work out the value of the article but Neverend gets little coverage, so it's worth a look if you are interested in this title. The author seems very impressed with the story but hasn't finished the game - or even worked it all out:
I'm going to pause here in telling the story to talk about one portion of gameplay, that being spells. I have no CLUE how to use spells in this game. At least, not yet. The game doesn't really have a tutorial, just a book manual, and from having read the manual I still can't tell how I'm supposed to use spells. You see, there are these scrolls. And they say that they have a certain number of uses. And I can put them in my spellbook. And there are runs that somehow get combined to do something. But, well, that's about as much as I've been able to figure out. I have yet to successfully cast or use a spell, which seems like it would be rather important to be able to do given that Agavaen is a magician. It was because I was trying to figure out how magic worked that I went looking for a walkthrough. Didn't find anything, unfortunately. However, I can say with confidence that this hasn't stopped me from both playing and enjoying the game. I just have to use the best weapon I can find, and rest after combat, that's all. At least, at the level I've reached it works.
More information.
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