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January 28th, 2007, 00:32
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As far as Soundgraden goes, I have always thought that they were the best of the Grunge Wave. They didnt sound like the atypical Nirvana/STP/Pearl Jam pack of bands, they always sounded different to me. Pearl Jam is easily one of my most absolutely hated bands of all time, I cannot stand their music, their persona, just the sight of Eddie Vedder makes me cringe. Just thought I'd add that little tidbit of Sam Trivia. Chris Cornell's voice is awesome indeed, what a great scream, and when dual-tracked with him screaming very faintly in the back, such as in "Mailman" it's a hell of an effect. SuperUnknown I would say is my favorite cd by them, favorite tracks are the aofrmentioned "Mailman" and "4th of July". SuperUnknown is one of those rare cds in which Period[
I agree about Vedder: I used to love Pearl Jam and I thought Stone Gossard was a fine songwriter but since Vedder's bloated ego took over the band isnt the same anymore, I cant stand the man's obsession with politics, saving the whale, the rainforest, abortion, etc. Who gives a fuck, really ? Ironically, the album Lost Dogs, which is a collection of B sides and leftovers — left over by the prima donna Vedder — contains some of the band's best stuff.
Oh and Superunknown is fantastic.
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