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January 28th, 2007, 20:16
guess we are going to have to disagree…i think their should be alot more.
not all music, or other art forms, is about making you smile or giving you pleasure. i find the fact that when artists express who they really are what they believe in and then get trounced upon absolutely disgusting. sorry to me its like being friends with someone and then you find out "the truth" about them when they say 'yeah my grandfather is black'…and then suddenly you can't be friends with them anymore. obviously if someone spends a large portion of a concert talking about anything then that can be worth condemning for wasting your time when they should be performing, but with all the 'useless' things some performers do i hardly see using a few minutes in a productive manner wrong.

by the way i think 'celebrity' is pretty weak word to use and not accurately describing the persons fields. seems more like just an echo that falls out of someone like rush limbaughs lips to lump him together with people like george clooney.

everyone and everything is telling you what to think constantly whether you want to acknowledge it or not. so an artist using his 'celebrity status' to express a dissenting opinion is free speech at its finest. if you feel obligated, or guilty, that you should be doing or believing what he is saying then maybe there is a un/subconcious reason for that perhaps.
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