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January 29th, 2007, 00:09
i've never been a fan of pearl jam. ridiculous band names are always killers for me. in fact at times i've loathed them. there are a handful of there songs though i really enjoy. but years ago, despite not liking them i could at least admit to respecting them—simply because they voiced their opinions on things. personally though not your typical grunge, the band live was probably my favourite group from 1996-1999. their first album was probably their most political too. but i changed or they did and as such i haven't enjoyed their direction or last couple albums. for me u2 is the same way. the truth is that most bands have a finite amount of creativeness that is stunted by the fact that they have the same members and thus the same constrictions. its why most of the talented musicians out their that were in huge famous bands usually go solo or even better though rarer start new and succesful bands. to me any band thats been around intact for much more than a decade has a waning relevance and either will be playing at state fairs or off supporting some cause which may be noble but probably not without selfish reasons to remain in the public eye. mcdonalds probably has a better, less shameful, retirement plan than the music industry…
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