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January 29th, 2007, 07:13
@abbaon-did you even read that post or the prior one of mine. i stated that i had respect for pearl jam and their political views. i just don't care for most of their music. and i threw in the 'band name' comment because it holds true for nearly all bands i like or don't like. a name should be something that has some meaning and has thought put into it not just something cool they thought up when they were stoned. and i'm opposed to capital punishment, so yeah that would pretty much rule out lynching. and my analogy with the 'grandfather is black' is because that happened recently to my fiance with a co-worker of hers who said 'she was sorry' when she found out that her dad (my eventual father-in-law) was black. the point i was trying to make was that people have their opinions, political beliefs and stereotypes, that if masked can allow people or fans to get along smashingly, but if someone 'spills the beans' then often there is an unfortunate lift. please take time in the future to try and be understanding and not so quick to 'string someone up' for what you thought they were elluding to.
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