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January 29th, 2007, 10:06
umm you compared me to a clansman you jerk so don't get all high and mighty! being racist is a very bad quality to have i agree but now you're lumping people who have stereotypes and prejudices, a good majority of the people on this earth sadly, even if only slightly, to 'the worst people in the world'. you are the one picking fights. i don't post on any other forum on the internet, but apparently you have quite the experience in upsetting people. and guess what i didn't start the negative comments i was trying to defend artists' expression. by the way i'm not sure how you think racism is worse than any other form of prejudice? 6 million jews were killed by the nazis and i hope you are aware that judaism isn't a race its a religion. this world is full of injustice and suffering and i was trying (i'm far from perfect at expressing my thoughts and opinions and apologize if i ever offend or am unclear) to 'stand up' for those people who are trying to make a difference. maybe you work for clearchannel abbaon as it seems the only logical reason why you would attack/be intollerant of someone trying to defend expression in media.

*offers the olive branch* as i don't want to derail/sour the thread anymore
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