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January 31st, 2007, 09:14
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sorry to me its like being friends with someone and then you find out "the truth" about them when they say 'yeah my grandfather is black'…and then suddenly you can't be friends with them anymore.
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sorry to me someone who can't look past a band's ridiculous name to the singer's political views is like a klansman at a lynching.
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if you feel obligated, or guilty, that you should be doing or believing what he is saying then maybe there is a un/subconcious reason for that perhaps.
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maybe you have secret guilty thoughts about lynching i don't know.
I was obviously bristling at curious' ugly comparison, and doing my part to prevent him from repeating it; my magnanimity knows no bounds. Of course, I say obviously, but I mean to everyone but yourself. The perils of posting under the influence, eh? Maybe next time you'll wait until your mind stops reeling before clicking reply.

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