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February 6th, 2007, 00:24
Oopsie… sorry that I upset you all, you little angels, you!
But whenever you have some time please feel free to ask your good friend VDweller on the cloud next to you how he copied a very detailed description of the anal "examination" of Pete Hines' wife into a new thread that he then called 'Sexual Fantasies' (the original post was by that Major Blackhart dude, IIRC and posted on the news comments forums).

Or if you want some more angelic voices:…de8052696cbfdb…7b3c521ec53bc3…f492c354373480…c109419031970b…295ba24b802a6d

Aaaahhh… so much love for Bethesda. So much constructive criticism. As I said, it's really unbelievable that Bethesda just don't want to listen to these genuinely friendly and mature people.
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