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February 27th, 2007, 23:16
I had a feeling you came from the PnP world, ionstormsucks. I can imagine that colors your views. I always regret not having spent any gaming time there.

AFA this article, I agree with you to the extent that an rpg with little storyline lacks structure and dramatic tension. It would only help most rpgs to have a strong and well developed, well-scripted backbone to support the other elements.
The problem for a lot of developers seems to be finding a way to do this without bringing every fantasy cliche back from the grave, so that what we mostly see is repitition of the same types of plots—i.e., the Chosen One, the apocalyptic destruction of All Life, the Great Evil from another dimension, etc…I think at times I'd almost prefer them to say :"Hey—you're the good guy, you figure out what to do." because I can invent a lot better motivation than that my village has just been wiped out.

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