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February 28th, 2007, 05:36
@Ammon777 re: Disciples
Yes, little Uther can be quite the Demon problem child. I felt the same way during one of the Rise of the Elves campaigns—armies keep spawning in from all directions kicking serious butt before it's remotely possible to recover from the first seven or eight..I did give up on that one. I actually remember saying almost your exact same words to the developers—Who designed this-the Marquis de Sade?

But then I discovered that I could abandon my pride and play on the Easy level—which is like a normal game's Difficult. ( Believe it or not, there are people on the Disciples forums who play hardcore and seem to enjoy it, the sick-os!)

I was able to beat all the original campaigns at Easy. And it felt GOOD!
So that's my recommendation—Or you might just do the scenarios—they are much more reasonable.

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