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Default 50 Greatest Female Characters Article

March 13th, 2007, 04:24
Ran across this while wasting away my life on the Internet and thought it might be of interest. The article covers 50 great female characters in gaming and spans a broad spectrum of genres. The only rpg contenders seem to be numbers
26-30, from the Final Fantasy series, #45, Annah from Ps:T and the ever popular Jaheira scraping in at #50.

Here's a snip from the intro:
A quick note about this list: it's for the greatest female characters, which means it's not a list of the "hottest video game chicks" or "top video game vixens." Sure, looks count. But these female characters have to make an impact beyond their appearance. To measure greatness, I looked at how each character made a significant impression on the game play or narrative, whether they are central characters, playable characters or supporting characters.

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