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April 12th, 2007, 07:23
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Why would you sue if you were a Rutger women? On what basis? It made you feel bad? What if the Rutger women sueing made me feel bad, could I sue them? I thought free speach was protected. It wasn't libel, it wasn't lsander, and it wasn't defimation of character (unless I can sue someone that calls me slang like dog).

Why is everyone so sue happy?
Have you looked at the faces of the team as they line up to be grilled by the media on their feelings? These are young women whose lives have been totally derailed by this jackass. Calling them whores is slander, as they are not engaged in selling sex for money, but playing basketball and trying to get an education. And yes, if they insulted you on national airspace and made you a household word and forced you to deal with every pushy journalist on the street shoving a microphone in your face, you would certainly be entitled to the same legal redress. These young women may be big enough human beings to forgive the guy, but that wouldn't be me.

I don't see this as being sue happy—that's when you suck down some boiling hot coffee because you have no brain function telling you not to and sue the vendor.

BTW roqua I'm glad you're back.

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