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April 12th, 2007, 09:57
In my opinion, the whole thing has been blown way out of proportion.

As stated by others, Imus is a shock jock. He often lets go a barrage of racist and derogatory remarks about various groups or individuals. His audience tunes in to listen to this as part of "the product" that he sells, if you will. He mixes sarcasm and humor so that you can't really be sure if he's serious about what he's saying or just joking. This is what his audience tunes in to listen to.

MSNBC and the various advertisers who have been so quick to pull their sponsorship know the kind of program that he runs and have been quite happy with it to date. It's completely hypocritical for them to get on their high horses now.

Anyone who feels offended by anything Imus says, certainly has the right to sue him or his network. It's not for me to decide who has a case or who doesn't. Let the Lawyers and courts decide that. Bear in mind however, that our country has already decided that it's legal for the KKK and the American NAZI party to spread their belief's and recruit new members.

I will say that I feel it's silly for anyone to take the remarks heard on his show personally. You have to understand that it's all part of "the show" so to speak and is designed to attract listeners for the purpose of earning money. It's not meant to be taken personally. Considering how long Imus has been on the air and all of the people and groups he's ragged on, I seriously doubt that his personal opinion matches what he says even 50% of the time. Probably much less. I doubt that he really considers any of the group as "nappy headed ho's".

The bottom line? If you don't like that kind of show, don't listen to him. Period.

The only real concern should be whether we want a show that could be seen as an encouragement for racism to be on the air. But, this brings up disturbing problems as well. If we decide that we as a society should not encourage verbage that might spread racism and that it's appropriate for us to take action to prevent its possible spread, then shouldn't we also outlaw music lyrics that could be viewed as "racist"?

We allow various musicians and "Rappers" to write songs that include lyrics using the "N" word and calling women "Ho's". We even let them sing about "Capping" people (killing them). As I see it, we either have to form a new entity to be our "Race Police" or stand behind "freedom of speech", which says that if I don't like the name you called me, I can call you something worse in return and even provide an appropriate hand signal that says "Ha, how do you like me now!?".

Since the "Race Police" sound like way too much work and I'm already a supporter of "freedom of speech", I'll cast my vote for the latter.
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