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April 12th, 2007, 19:09
yeah… people in 'power' the media/talkshow hosts should have the freedom to destroy people's character by any means and pulling them into a den of lions when they are not in a line of work that dictates a professional spotlight…
just because everyone else on the outside on any side has no business making themselves involved in the escalation of this, everything is the fault of imus as he may the error. freedom comes with responsibilities and anyone who thinks otherswise might as well just exhume are forefathers/mothers corpses and defile them. while not a fan of either 'reverend' i think they have more of a right to intervene and push their questionable motives than imus had in saying what he said. also where i come from calling any woman a whore is the worst thing you can call do to her save of beating her.
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