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April 12th, 2007, 22:31
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yeah… people in 'power' the media/talkshow hosts should have the freedom to destroy people's character by any means and pulling them into a den of lions when they are not in a line of work that dictates a professional spotlight…
just because everyone else on the outside on any side has no business making themselves involved in the escalation of this, everything is the fault of imus as he may the error. freedom comes with responsibilities and anyone who thinks otherswise might as well just exhume are forefathers/mothers corpses and defile them. while not a fan of either 'reverend' i think they have more of a right to intervene and push their questionable motives than imus had in saying what he said. also where i come from calling any woman a whore is the worst thing you can call do to her save of beating her.
Well, here in civilized society being called a whore hasn't been that bad of an insult since women got all uppity and started wearing pants and engaging in other whore activities. Its still an effective insult and thats why its a good insult, especially when they aren't whores. If you are trying to insult someone why use a bad insult? And Imus said hoe, not whore.

And how did Imus error? He insults people all the time. Wouldn't an insult error only be an error if it wasn't insulting? And if no one has any reason to be involved in the esculation of this wouldn't that actually mean people should keep their opinions to themselves, kind of taking the free out of free speach?

And whose character was destroyed? The team's as a whole? No one has ever been sued over "defamation of characters." There is no sole identifiable victim. There wasn't even a false accusation against anyone. There was no damage made to anyones reputation. It was a joke, made against a team. Feed them to the lions? You are an odd feller, and quite dramatic. Did i just defame your character? Listen to the audio of the incident and tell me anyone's reputation was in jeopardy.

And your little patriotic speach about our forefathers is great. Exept we have the right not to be responsible with our freedoms. There is no responsiblity on my part not to allow soldier's to quarter in my house. I can lie every second of every day. I can say "George Bush molestor Hitler when he was young and thats why Hitler started the Nazi party." I can also say there was no holocaust and jews are liars. I can say black people smell like fish. I can abuse my right of free speach with no responsibility all day long. I can even say all women are whores. I can say all sorts of mean and hurtful things. I can love it and smile while doing it.

Let's say I overdrew my bank account and i got charged an overdraft fee. If I said, "All Banks are thieves." No one could sue me. If I said, "[Name of my bank] are thieves and stole my money." They have a defamtion case against me. But if overdraft fees are thievery is a matter of opinion, so they wont win and are just wasting money bringing me to court.

Imus could define whore as anyone engaging in sexual activity without being married, in which case if you have a group of more than 2 American girls over 18 together you certain to have a whore. He is entitled to his opinion on what a whore is and who or what group are whores. The Klan can have a national show and say all blacks and jews are inferior races. I don't think they'd bring in the ratings, but they have a right to their own opinion and they have a right to share that with whoever will listen.

Yes, free radio is public air and his freedom of speach is curbed by laws, but he violated none of them. He didn't use any word banned by the fcc or do anything that he isn't allowed to do. He made a joke, the wrong person heard, and now our freedom of speach has been a little more marginalized. Chalk one up for tyrrany.

I don't see how anyone can't see a perfect correlation between mccarthyism and political-correctness.
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