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April 12th, 2007, 23:33
So now we get to the meat of it. There shouldn't be a law, but people shouldn't do it. How do you get them not to do it? And what if a women thinks your views of being called a hoe is as bad as being beaten physically is offensive. You are adding to waining health of our society, right? Unless you are saying that you know better than a woman what should offend her?

How society used to work is through discrimination and prejudice. If someone didn't value what your group valued, and wasn't willing to conform, they wouldn't be allowed in that group. Society governed their own norms and mors. I am not talking about discriminating against race and religion by the way, just values.

Its the same way now, but agenda driven. It isn't illegal for a pregnant woman to smoke, but how many dirty looks would a pregnant woman get smoking in public? No need for a law, societal presure stops that but for the most low class people. I can't go into a fancy restuarant, be loud and make racist comments, and then expect the patrons to invite me to their dinner oparties next week, could I?

Its self governing. And if people have a problem with what Imus says, the free market should take care of it. If this remark was so offensive to everyone I hope they wouldn't listen to his show and put money in his pocket.

And it sounds like you are quite bigoted against those that are insulting. I also wish this country were different in many ways. I wish people would see that my opinion on everything is right and what I do should be emmulated by children and everyone should value everything I do. But how does that increase our diversity?

And no, no one with an ounce of reason believes names are as harmful as weapons. Weapons cause real harm, words can only cause fake, temporary harm to sissies. Call me any name in the book, it won't hurt me at all.
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