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April 13th, 2007, 03:29
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Let's say an English teacher got involved in our debate, and tore me and curious a new hole and called us all sorts of hurtful names due to our abuse and misuse of the English language, spelling, and grammar. Wouldn't it be justified?

What if Imus beat the team with a bat. Would you rather be called a name or punched in the face? Would you rather be called a really good insult, or stabbed?

Its impossible to compare name calling and physical harm. Being married, my wife and I have called each other every mean name invented and a lot of made up sounds, we say things that are just meant to hurt. But I've never laid a hand on her. If I did would that be the same as name calling or is that a whole new level?

Names can hurt, my wife can hurt me with names or just by knowing what buttons of mine to push. But when the fight is over, and years later, the only events that really stick out is when she flew off the handles and attacked me.

Having thin-skin isn't a virtue. People shouldn't walk around calling each other names for no reason, but if someone decides to get into a pissing match with me I'm not holding back. And if someone is going to say something I find offensive that might be politically correct to say, I am going to say thinks they will think is offensive, politcally correct or not.

Virtualy everything someone says is going to hurt someone's feelings. Where does the hurt feeling think stop? When everyone stops saying anything?

And I bet the people that push the "name calling is bad and should be stopped" issue probably hate someone and call them all sorts of names. Is it okay to call someone mean and hurtful things behind their back? Isn't it better to be honest and have enough guts to say it directly to them? Isn't honesty and courage virtues?

"STicks and stones may break my bones, etc." I find it very offensive when other men cry, or say that men should be allowed to cry, and it fills me with a horrible undescribable feeling of something my known emotional range can't identify. But those are the breaks. Those "guys" aren't going to pander to my feelings, and I don't expect them to. That is the price of different people having different opinions and points of views that clash. Feelings can't and shouldn't be in issue ever where free speach is concerned.
Much less superficial and better thought out argument. "Hurt Feelings" are definitely not as serious as damaged body parts, and the truth remains the truth whether you want to hear it or not. AFA the line between physical and verbal abuse in a relationship, it's my experience that they are equally damaging, but YMMV.

I'm contending that the issue isn't about that, but about invasion of people's private lives by a rapacious bunch of bottom-feeders who want to exploit a situation for their own ends, and don't care who they victimize in the process— yes, including Mr. Imus. I started out this argument by agreeing with you—god knows where we'd be at if I disagreed!

I agree that people should deal honestly and frankly with one another, and that the only way to understand another person or culture is to allow it/him/her to speak freely.

We disagree in that I don't think the constitutional provision for free speech guarantees any godgiven right to use it to the detriment of others. However, I also would rather have people making any number of irresponsible and idiotic remarks for whatever reason, then live in a society that tells you precisely what you are permitted to say or think and punishes you for diverging.

I think the fuss about Mr. Imus is a worldwide joke and yet another
embarassment for our country.(Like Britney Spears isn't enough!!)Yes, he's been fired, but as long as there's a shred of material to exploit the circus will continue. I'm sure he'll be photographed cozying up to the Rutgers team and copiously eating his words and end up being hired by Fox or something. Who freaking cares????Why was it singled out for coverage on the national news? Who did the damage, Imus and his mouth, or the media and their self-serving drive for sensation?

Where there's smoke, there's mirrors.
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